Monday, February 4, 2008

Heated Gloves – A Loving Gift for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is fast approaching and this time I was planning to give Steve something more meaningful and more useful than those mushy little things stacked up the shelves of gift shops. I was wondering and short listed several things that could be gifted Рmainly skin care products etc. But then nothing seemed a bright idea Рeverything was quite pass̩, when finally I came upon heated gloves.

A colleague showed me his new pair of heated gloves that he has bought from some online shop. They looked quite neat and also of good quality. He showed me that they run on batteries which were also quite light. I tried them for the day and felt so warm and comfortable that I hated to part with them in the end.

These gloves have now dominated the list of things I could give Steve. I have noted the web site – Real Shopping – that my friend has bought from and now I will also go and place my order.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Face The Frost With Heated Gloves

The situations are dicey in icy weather conditions. Temperatures keep declining to lower minimums and it is hard to bear the frigidness of the weather. Some people are sensitive to cold weather, their hands get swollen and insensitive on an exposure to it. Heated gloves play an effective role against these conditions.

These gloves work on the battery heating technology. This technology provides a heating effect to the user wearing the gloves. The warming effect is due to the heating element aligned with the gear. The energy source for these efficient clothing is a small rechargeable battery.

Heated gloves are helpful to use while going out of your cosy home. These gloves are helpful to wear in the freezing weather conditions. You must wear them when you can not avoid using motorcycle in these conditions. The chill in the wind will be easy to bear.

For extra protection, these gloves do not allow water to penetrate inside. The moisture inside the gloves will vapourise by the heating effect. Find the right shield against wintry weather.